Wednesday, November 18, 2009

TV-IP: Why is the future of television

In the last years online tv have become a main part of the internet world. Online television is about to become the new way that the pop culture is going to develop, on near future.
It's quite posible than in 2 years the “TV-IP” is going to be far superior to other television delivery types. The reasons?

  1. Definition. HD have arrieved with same string to every kind of televisión, TV-IP inclusive.

  2. Interactive. All TV plataforms have arrived to interactive systems, but internet have the advantage to be itself a interactive system.

  3. Dynamism. This is the key factor. Both in software and hardware, TV-IP have not competition. Home computers are constantly being renewed, because a wide range of reasons: games, workstations, media etc. In home economy, invest in the computer is much more convenient than put money in other specific tv decoders.
TV-IP is coming in several tastes:
TV peer to peer
There are several sources of online live TV. Some of them have both live and ondemand TV. Some of these sites are:
Official TV
Other sources are official online versions of terrestial TV. Many times these channels are used for stay in touch with people that is in other states or countries from yours own.
All together
Some web sites try to put all such sources together in one place for easy search and watching. No doubt the best to get that goal is
At this site you wil find channels in a way that is similar to a digital paid television, including a program guide  showing them from this moment forward. If you like some show, just click on the channel icon and almost immediately you are watching it.

Julio Morales B.

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