Saturday, November 14, 2009

About us

Watch tv line online. The easy way to find online channels. put all the online channels available on the net in just one place, a webpage easy to navegate. Users can store theirs favorites channels entering just a facebook account, so in 2 minutes anyone can save theirs own favorite channels.
The site include a chat for each channels, so visitors can interact each other and talk about the show they are watching.  
Every channel has assigned a number, and visitors can jump from one channel to other with the keyboard numbers.
The main way to access is entering , but there are other specific gates:
Movies and series
Tv News 24/7
Business news
Star Movies
Cosby Show
Nat Geo
Discovery Cannel
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Welcome to news

We are begining with this blog hopping is going to be usefull for all of you who are searching for online tv channels.